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Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

Jules Maroni feels like she was born on the high wire. She dreams of doing her pirouettes on high wires around the country, but she needs a venue bigger than her family’s sideshow circus. When her family receives an offer to join Cirque American, Jules believes this is her chance. However, her family resists the offer. The Flying Garcias are part of the circus and there is bad blood between the families. Eventually the Maroni’s join the circus, but strange things begin to happen. When objects of bad luck start appearing and threatening the safety of the Maroni’s, Jules is determined to find out who is behind the sabotage. Surprisingly, the only person Jules has to help her solve the mystery is Remy Garcia--a boy her father has forbidden her to see.

Girl on a Wire is a little bit of Romeo and Juliet meets The Greatest Showman with a little Nancy Drew thrown in for good measure. Mystery, intrigue, and circus life--a little something for everyone. This is a light mystery that stays remarkably clean for teen fiction. This is a good pick for mystery lovers and especially for anyone who dreams of running away to join the circus.

Recommended ages--12 and up

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