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Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Wow! I have such mixed feelings about this book. It was a hard read for me, but such a mind expanding experience. The writing was excellent and the retelling made me look at Pride and Prejudice in a new light. My struggle came with having my favorite character (Elizabeth) have so much anger and resentment toward white people (Zuri). This perspective initially put me as a white woman on the defensive and made it difficult to love Zuri. I recognize that I have no frame of reference for Zuri’s experience and feel sad that today’s political climate makes her anger justified.

Zoboi’s change of perspective made me more sympathetic toward Darius Darcy. I could relate more clearly to his discomfort in unfamiliar social situations. Pride also makes the contrast between classes more apparent to modern readers by keeping Zuri’s family less farcical than Austen’s Bennets. Even with my natural defensive reaction, I love how Zoboi crashed through my narrow views and made me think differently about one of my favorite classics.

Recommended ages--14 and up

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