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Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk

Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk

Crow has lived her entire life on a small island in the Elizabeth Islands of Massachusetts. Twelve years ago, Osh found her drifting in a tiny boat crying with hunger. Osh, along with their strong and loving neighbor Miss Maggie, raised Crow and taught her the ways of the island. But when Crow turns twelve, she feels a new curiosity about where she came from. Who were her parents and why did they send her drifting in a boat?

Crow’s questions lead her to Penikese, an island previously populated by a leper hospital. As Crow searches for her birthplace and family, she finds more than one mystery hiding on the island. Her journey includes excitement, danger, and lots of self-discovery. With lovable characters, an intriguing setting, and bits of history, Beyond the Bright Sea has something for all types of middle grade readers. A beautifully told story perfect for entertainment and discussion.

Recommended ages--9 and up

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