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The List by Patricia Forde

The List by Patricia Forde

Letta is content with her life as apprentice to the wordsmith in the city of Ark. In the last safe place on Earth, Letta is one of the few entrusted with all words. Other residents are required to speak List, limited to 500 essential words. When her master disappears and Letta meets a strange boy wounded by the city officers, she begins to question life as she know it. She longs for others to know words like hope and freedom. However, these desires might threaten her safety in the city of Ark.

With a clever storyline and powerful characters, Patricia Forde creates a new type of dystopia. Readers will question along with Letta and recognize the power and importance of language as well as individual thought. This is a good book for those who enjoy an end of the world story without the violence of some of the popular series. It makes this a good book for both tweens and teens.

Recommended ages--11 and up

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