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Far Away by Lisa Graff

Far Away by Lisa Graff

CJ loves her unique life. She lives in a tour bus and travels the United States with her Aunt Nic’s psychic medium show. When CJ gets lonely for her mother who died shortly after she was born, she can talk to her through Aunt Nic. When Aunt Nic warns CJ she will no longer be able to communicate with her mother, CJ goes searching for a tether--something to tie her mother’s soul to the earth. CJ heads out on a road trip that digs deeper into her family’s past. However, the secrets CJ uncovers leave her wondering what is true and what are lies.

Through a story filled with mystery, Lisa Graff introduces an interesting cast of characters. CJ is spunky and sometimes bossy, but also vulnerable and endearing. Her journey for truth and connection is heartbreaking, but also uplifting. Although CJ’s story is unique, tween young readers will relate to the desire to belong and the blessings and trials of family. This novel would be a good fit for middle grade readers and tweens or a fun read aloud for younger grades.

Recommended ages--10 and up

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