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What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle

What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle

Ari Logan is struggling to overcome the awful night when she tried to hurt herself. As she climbs out of depression, she spends time at the local lake watching her little sister. Ari also finds herself caught in a one-sided crush on a new boy at the lake. Filled with confidence and charm, Camden Armstrong seems like everything Ari would like to be. But she only watches.

The next summer, a more confident Ari starts up a conversation. That conversation leads to friendship, time with Camden’s friends, and eventually a relationship. Ari is happy and in love, but quickly finds real relationships are more difficult than crushes from afar. Can she love the complicated and even troubled Camden as much as her daydream Camden? Ari’s journey is a serious look at depression, insecurity, and the ability to heal. A light summer romance, with hidden depth and self-discovery. I like the approach to depression and descriptions of the feelings. I think it is very realistic--as is the fear of depression coming back. The romance stays mostly appropriate, but there is one unnecessary ‘nearly had sex’ scene.

Recommended ages--13 and up.

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