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The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Ann Barnes

The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Ann Barnes

Kira Bennett doesn’t remember much of her life before being found in the woods by Cady Bennett and her search-and-rescue dog. Even years later, Kira still struggles with human interaction and normal life. She loves her adopted family, but feels more comfortable with the rescue dogs they train. When Cady receives word of a little girl who has become lost in Sierra Glades National Park, she takes Kira and Jude along with their dogs to join the search.

As Kira searches for the little girl, memories of her own past begin to surface. While she and her friends race to find the missing girl, Kira must also face the truth about the life she left behind. Part mystery and part psychological thriller, The Lovely and the Lost is a fast paced read that remains teen appropriate. It is exciting without becoming gritty or disturbing.

Recommended ages--13 and up

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