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What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

David Drucker is a socially awkward genius who usually keeps to himself. He keeps a notebook to remind him who to trust and how to act in different situations. Kit Lowell is a popular, but insecure girl dealing with the recent death of her father. To avoid the pressure of her friends, Kit joins David at his lunch table. Slowly, the two teenagers develop a friendship and both their lives are changed. They each learn what it truly means to be a friend.

This is one of my new favorites. Both Kit and David are delightful characters that I wish I could know in real life. Their experiences and reactions are very relatable while still being unique and entertaining. What to Say Next is a perfect read to develop empathy--both for those with social struggles and for those dealing with grief. It will appeal to teens, but could be a good one for adult audiences as well. A feel good story about friendship with additional depth and life lessons. I highly recommend What to Say Next.

Recommended ages--13 and up

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