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Warcross by Marie Lu

Warcross by Marie Lu

In a world of virtual reality, the video game Warcross has become more than just a game--it is a way of life. For Emika Chen, a bounty hunter who catches people betting illegally, Warcross provides the meager income that helps her scrape by. Until the day Emika hacks into the International Warcross Championships and her whole world changes. Suddenly she is a professional player and meeting Hideo Tanaka, the young billionaire who created the game.

Emika has the life she has always dreamed of, but she finds herself in more danger than she ever imagined. Warcross is a fast-paced science fiction story, perfect for gamers and lovers of Ready Player One. Lu excels at world building and creating relatable characters that will capture teen audiences. Her story does deal with some teen issues, but stays appropriate for a teen audience.

Sex: Mentioned, but not graphic Violence: Video Game violence Profanity: mild

Recommended for ages--13 and up.

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