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Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Raymie Clarke has a plan. She is going to win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition. Her father will see her picture in the paper, leave the dental hygienist, and come back home. But things don’t go exactly as she plans. Instead, Raymie meets Beverly Tapinski and Louisiana Elefante. These two friends show Raymie that there are all sorts of troubles in the world, but also all sorts of good.

As usual, Kate DiCamillo approaches some difficult subjects in a poetic and sensitive way. Her writing can touch the ugly things in the world and find beauty anyway. Raymie Nightingale is a powerful read for both children and adults that will teach about friendship, family, and the power of doing good deeds.

Recommended ages--all

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