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Race the Sands by Sarah Best Durst

Race the Sands by Sarah Best Durst

In Becar, your actions in your current life predict who you will be in the next. However, the kehok, monsters considered the lowest and most degenerate life forms, have little hope for change. Unless, they win the Races. This story follows two determined women and an extraordinary kehok in their quest to win. Tamra, a disgraced kehok rider and trainer, needs to win to save her home and daughter. Raia looks to the races as a way to escape an oppressive family and fiance. But no one needs to win more than the wild kehok Raia will be riding.

Sarah Beth Durst is one of my favorite authors and as usual she does an excellent job with Race the Sands. The characterization is deep and intriguing, the story captivating, and the world building amazing. This story will help you escape to a different world, but still holds life lessons to which you can relate. Great entertainment!

Recommended ages--12 and up

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