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Friday Night Stage Lights by Rachele Alpine

Friday Night Stage Lights by Rachele Alpine

Brooklyn Gartner hates football. When her mother remarries, Brooklyn and her mother relocate from their home in Oregon to Leighton, Texas. Brooklyn has to give up her friends, her ballet studio, and everything she loves, all because her new stepbrother is a star football player--and in Leighton, football is life. If that isn’t enough, now the middle school football team has invaded her refuge, the Center Stage Dance Studio. Their coach insists dance conditioning practice will improve their football.

Brooklyn is beyond angry, but when her dance partner is injured, she might just have to rely on one of those football players to get her out of a tough spot. This football/ballet showdown is a perfect fit for tween readers. While sports are at the center, it is also a good story about understanding, forgiveness, and the importance of family and friendship.

Recommended ages--10-12 years old

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