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96 Miles by J.L. Esplin

When a large power outage hits the western United States, John and Stew are prepared. Even with their father gone and being alone in their remote Nevada home, the boys aren’t concerned. But when they are held at gunpoint and robbed of all their emergency supplies, life becomes desperate. John knows their only way to survive is to walk the 96 miles to Brighton Ranch. There are friends there who can help them. But can they survive walking the 96 miles with only eight cups of water?

96 Miles is a book with a little bit of everything. It has a post-apocalyptic type feel with feats of survival on every page. It is also a story about family connections and never giving up in the face of adversity. John and Stew Lockwood are everyday brothers who face amazing odds and their story will keep you reading.

Recommended ages--11-15 years old


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