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Adrift by Paul Griffin

Matt and John are two friends from Queens trying to make some extra money by working in Montauk for the summer. When Matt meets Dri and then talks John into coming to her ‘rich kids’ party, their lives are changed forever. Dri’s cousin Estefania goes out for an ill fated night windsurfing run and Matt, John, Dri, and Stef’s boyfriend Jojo head out in a small boat to save her. This leads to five kids stranded in the ocean with not much hope of survival.

Adrift is a high action book of survival, but it also delves into the psychological side of people forced into a crisis. The storms and struggles are hard enough, but when past secrets come to light, it is even harder for the kids to hold it together. This is a haunting look at our will to live and the things that get in the way. Recommended for those who enjoy a survival book, but also a psychological thriller.

Recommended ages--14 and up


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