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Alone by Megan E. Freeman

When twelve-year-old Maddie plans a secret sleepover with her two best friends, she ends up with a bigger disaster than she ever could have imagined. After both friends cancel, Maddie stays at her grandparents’ empty apartment and wakes up to a deserted town. Due to an “imminent threat,” everyone is evacuated to an unknown distant location, but Maddie is left behind. With only the companionship of the neighbor’s rottweiler, George, Maddie has to find shelter, resources, and everything to survive on her own.

Written in verse, Alone deals with the trials of survival, but also the psychological trauma of growing up on your own. Maddie’s experience is difficult and terrifying, but she shows true intelligence and strength of spirit. Reading about her experience made me grateful for everyday conveniences as well as relationships. A captivating and intense look at survival.

Recommended ages–11-14 years old

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