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Bloom: The Overthrow #1 by Kenneth Oppel

It seems like a simple rainstorm, but it is much more. The rain carries seeds that turn into strange black grass which grows several feet high overnight. Then there’s the pollen that causes horrendous allergic reactions. Next come plants with enticing berries and sacks that capture and devour small animals. Finally, the pit plants drag people in, gas them, cover them in acid and digest them. The plants are covering the earth and no one is immune.

Just three young teenagers on a remote island appear to be immune to the plants. Anaya, Petra, and Seth must figure out their connection to the plants and learn what causes their immunity. They may be the world’s only hope for preventing the Overthrow. This fast-paced novel is a perfect mix of science fiction, dystopia, and horror. Perfect for middle schoolers and young teens that want an exciting story with just the right amount of scary.

Recommended ages--12-16 years old


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