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By the Book by Amanda Sellet

Mary Porter-Malcolm is one of my new favorite bookish heroines. The daughter of two English professors with equally literary siblings, Mary analyzes her life through books--more specifically through 19th century literature. When she has her first taste of public school as a sophomore, Mary can’t help but compare the students to characters. She even makes friends when her superior knowledge of the literary world helps guide some unsuspecting girls away from an obvious scoundrel. However, it turns out that not all Mary’s judgments are sound and not all her observations are completely accurate. Can she learn to live in ‘real life’ in time to save her relationships?

Full of literary references and delightful characters, this book is an English major’s dream. It was too fluffy of a story to say it changed my life, but it was perfect entertainment at a time when I really needed it. The reader for the audiobook was marvelous and I was truly sad when the book came to an end.

Recommended ages--11 and up


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