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Caraval by Stephanie Garber

After growing up on tales from her grandmother, Scarlet Dragna longs to experience the magical wonders of Caraval. The game would be a welcome relief from life with her abusive father. For years she has written to Legend, the Caraval Master, begging for a chance to be a part of it, but he never responds. Only now, with her arranged marriage on the horizon, does Scarlet finally get an invitation. But is she willing to give up the promise of safety from her father to follow her dreams of being part of Caraval?

Caraval is a whirlwind tale of magic, love, family, and deception. It has unique world building with interesting characters and a fast-paced story--a little bit of mystery, a little magic and a little romance, perfect for fantasy lovers.

Recommended ages--13 and up

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