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Dead Wednesday by Jerry Spinelli

Worm Tarnauer likes being invisible. He floats through eighth grade letting his best friend Eddie take the lead on everything. And for someone who likes being invisible, Dead Wednesday is going to be the best. On this day, each eighth grader is given a name of a teenager who died in the past year. The 8th graders all wear black shirts and everyone pretends they don’t exist (teachers and townspeople alike) while they are supposed to contemplate their own mortality. But everyone knows it’s just a day to goof off and Worm is delighted.

However, Worm’s experience doesn’t go the way he expects. Becca Finch, the person he is assigned, actually shows up, but only Worm can see her. Not only that, Becca is talking to Worm and ordering him around. Their day together will change them both in ways they never suspected. As usual, Jerry Spinelli tells an excellent story filled with memorable characters. Dead Wednesday is a great read for middle grades and would make an excellent class read aloud. It is a fun audiobook as well.

Recommended ages–10 and up


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