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Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

When a skeleton is found on her family’s property, Rowan Chase feels compelled to learn its history. But her search into the past leads to painful discoveries about the past as well as the present. Told from alternating points of view and time periods, reveals the tension of Tulsa during the 1921 race riots as well as some of the current racial issues. Rowan’s investigation runs parallel to William’s story of life in 1921 Tulsa and the two perspectives solve a compelling mystery.

This story is fast-paced with excellent character development and realistic historical representation. It taught me a lot about a mostly undiscussed era in history. Although it definitely teaches profound lessons, the writing is never high handed or preachy. It kept my attention and would be a good read for most teen readers--also a great one for discussion.

Recommended ages 12 and up

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