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Here to Stay by Sara Farizan

Bijan Majidi has survived high school by not standing out. But when he helps win a crucial game in the school’s basketball playoffs, Bijan is thrown into the spotlight. While Bijan enjoys his new popularity, not everyone is happy he is getting attention. Someone posts an anonymous picture of Bijan photoshopped to look like a terrorist. Now everyone notices him and not all in a good way. No longer able to hide in the background, Bijan must decide if he will stay in the spotlight and stand up for himself.

Here to Stay is a great book to reach a variety of readers. There is plenty of basketball to appeal to the sports lovers, but this book is so much more. Bijan’s story covers friendship, loyalty, racism, bullying, and growing up. While some of the issues are difficult, the story is told in an interesting and uplifting way.

Recommended ages–14 and up, some language and bullying/racism


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