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Linked by Gordon Korman

Chokecherry, Colorado is a small town where not much happens. But that all changes when a large swastika is painted in the foyer of the middle school. No one can believe someone would have so much hate. Tolerance education is immediately introduced, but the swastikas continue to appear. The students try to combat the hate by attempting to make a 6 million link paper chain to represent victims of the Holocaust. Their efforts bring publicity, but they also bring up hard things about the town’s past.

Told in alternating points of view, Linked shows the variety of reactions to hate. It is a powerful story about racism as well as one of friendship, forgiveness, and moving forward. Korman speaks well to middle school readers. His new book is a good one to read individually or as a class book to discuss.

Recommended ages–11-14 years old


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