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Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

It is 2065 and Adri has been awarded one of the coveted spots as a colonist on Mars. While preparing for departure, Adri goes to Kansas to stay with her only living relative. In the farmhouse, Adri discovers the journal of Catherine, a young woman living on the farm during the Dustbowl of 1934. Adri becomes captivated by Catherine’s story and longs to solve the mystery of how her story ends. Tied to Catherine’s story, is the story of Lenore, a girl living in post World War I England, who longs to come to America. Although separated by generations, Adri feels compelled to learn about these young women and how their stories tie into her own life and future.

Midnight at the Electric is an interesting coming of age story that combines historical fiction and futuristic science fiction through careful storytelling and character development. The book has elements that will appeal to a variety of audiences, and the writing and mystery building is excellent. It was an excellent vacation read with more depth than expected.

Recommended ages--13 and up


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