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Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee

San Francisco, 1906: Mercy Wong is determined to break out of the poverty of Chinatown and she has a plan. She will get an education at St. Clare’s School for Girls, a prestigious private school, once she convinces the owner that he needs her for business connections in Chinatown. With her tenacious attitude and what her mom calls ‘bossy cheeks,’ Mercy’s plan is working...mostly. But then the disastrous earthquake turns the world and all of Mercy’s dreams upside down.

As Mercy and her friends struggle to survive, Mercy learns that a life on Nob Hill isn’t the most important thing. This is historical fiction that exposes racism, but champions the idea of teamwork and friendship. Mercy’s story is inspiring and even if her character is a little ahead of the time, her story is worth reading.

Recommended ages--11 and up

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