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Prairie Lotus by Linda Sue Park

When Hanna and her father arrive in LaForge, South Dakota, Hanna hopes to finally go to school and get her Diploma like her mother always dreamed for her. Hanna also hopes to become a dressmaker in the shop she and her father are opening on Main Street. The main thing standing in the way of her dreams is that she is half-Chinese. This wasn’t so strange in Los Angeles where she came from, but in 1880 Dakota Territory she is the only one of her kind. And unfortunately, many people are opposed to what they consider different.

Hanna is a wonderful, spunky and determined character. Her struggle is painful at times, but her strength of will is inspiring. This is a well-crafted story and Linda Sue Park does excellent work putting the Chinese perspective into the Laura Ingalls Wilder setting that she loved as a child.

Recommended ages–10-14 years old


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