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Spells for Lost Things by Jenna Evans Welch

Willow never feels like she belongs. After graduation she hopes to travel the world and hopefully find her place in it. Mason doesn’t have a home. Placed in foster care when his mom can no longer take care of him, Mason longs only to be reunited with her. Strange circumstances bring them together in Salem, Massachusetts where Mason helps Willow learn the story behind the aunt she never knew she had. Their friendship grows, but will Mason give it all up to find his mother?

Spells for Lost Things is a light romance on the surface with a hint of magic. However, the deeper story deals with family relationships and the pain of neglect or betrayal. Willow and Mason are relatable characters who help each other through the tough parts of family life. An entertaining read for all of us who struggle to fit in.

Recommended ages–12-18 years old


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