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Star Splitter by Matthew Kirby

The year is 2198 and Jessica Mathers is teleporting to meet her scientist parents on their exploratory mission to Carver 1061c. Teleportation is an expected and safe form of travel, but when Jessica arrives, things seem to have gone very wrong. Instead of waking up in a spaceship orbiting above the planet, Jessica is on a lander that appears to have crashed. The crew members are gone and outside the ship are graves marked with the names of strangers.

In Star Splitter, Kirby combines mystery, thriller, time travel, and survival story all into one. The story is short and fast paced. I’m not usually a science fiction lover, but I was intrigued and enjoyed the mystery aspect woven into a new and unexpected setting. Along with an exciting story, Jess’s situation also delves into ethical questions and other deep plot points. A good read for a variety of readers, but the twisty plot does require concentration.

Recommended ages–12 and up


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