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The Boy with the Butterfly Mind by Victoria Williamson

Elin is sure that if she is perfect at school and at home, her father will move home and their family will be complete again. Jamie is anything but perfect. His ADHD makes him feel like his brain is full of butterflies. He gets distracted and makes messes all the time. When Jamie and his dad join Elin’s family, Elin sees an opportunity. She believes drawing attention to Jamie’s mistakes and shortcomings will make her mother see sense.

However, as Elin watches Jamie she learns that no one is really perfect. Will Elin learn the truth about herself and others before it is too late? This book is an interesting look at different personalities and the trials of learning to understand each other. Readers will relate to Elin and Jamie as they learn to understand themselves. It is a story that is at times painful, but overall hopeful.

Recommended ages--10-13 years old


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