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The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold

Wow!! This book is not my usual genre, but David Arnold made a science fiction masterpiece that completely won me over. I love Arnold’s lyrical writing, excellent character building, and amazing story telling, but how to even explain the plot?

After the devastating Fly Flu wipes out the majority of the world’s population, just a few survivors scrape out a meager living. Nico and her faithful dog Harry have only ever known the Farmhouse, but now they are on a mission to find a mythical portal that her father suddenly claims is real. Kit was raised in an abandoned cinema by his Dakota, but when she dies, he and Monty and Lakie set out to find a rumored civilization. The beauty of the story is the mystery of how the characters present, past, and future weave together.

A quirky book with beautiful writing and a complicated story. There is some profanity to be aware of and one scene of very briefly and loosely implied sex, but the rest stays clean. I loved the book, but Arnold’s storytelling may not be for every reader, but I highly recommend you try it and find out.

Recommended ages--14 and up


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