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The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

Theodora’s father, Richard Fox, is an American historian and treasure hunter. His travels take him around the world to exciting destinations where Theodora has to wait for him alone in hotels. Until one day, Huck Gallagher, shows up at Theodora’s hotel in Istanbul. He has been working with her father as an assistant, but now Richard Fox has gone missing. Huck has Richard’s journal and instructions to keep Theodora safe, but evil men have followed him.

Soon Huck and Theodora are racing through Romania trying to solve the mysteries from Richard’s journal, but also struggling to stay alive. The Lady Rogue reads a lot like an Indiana Jones movie--ancient treasure, evil forces, a mystery to solve--just the main characters are two teens in 1930s Europe. This book is a good one for adventure lovers as well as those that like a good puzzle to solve and even a little of the supernatural. The adventure stays exciting while remaining age appropriate and makes for a good escape read.

Recommended ages--12 and up


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