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The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera

It is the end of life on earth, but Petra and her family are among the few people chosen to journey to a new planet. Hundreds of years later, Petra wakes up to find she is the only one who still remembers life on Earth. The Collective has taken over the ship with plans to erase the past and eliminate all individuality. Using her knowledge of old folklore and some well timed cuentos, Petra scrambles to save her future and the future of humankind.

The Last Cuentista is an interesting mix of traditional science fiction woven with hispanic folklore and storytelling. Petra is a strong character and the combined genres makes her story of special interest to a variety of readers. The Spanish phrases and stories threaded throughout give a strong sense of culture in the midst of a futuristic society. Excellent writing and creative world building.


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