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The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey

Darcy Wells spends most of her life hiding in books, because her real life is too much to handle. With a father that left before she was born and an anxious mother plagued by a shopping/hoarding addiction, Darcy feels comfortable staying invisible. She has never shared her life with anyone other than her best friend. But then Asher Fleet, a boy with troubles of his own, begins spending his breaks in the bookstore where Darcy works. While Darcy is drawn to Asher, she is afraid of what will happen if she lets him see the mess of her life.

Although their struggles are unique, many teen readers will connect with Darcy and Asher. They represent the age old struggle of trusting yourself enough to let others see who you really are. Also, Darcy’s book loving character will resonate with the many others who like to measure their lives through books. A light, but meaningful teen read.

Recommended ages--12 and up


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