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The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

It’s 1947 and Nisha’s world is changing. The India she knows and loves is freed from British rule, but torn by religious and political differences. The dissension is so strong that India is being split into two countries, India and Pakistan. Nisha’s home is in the place now known as Pakistan and because her family is Hindu, it is no longer safe for them. Soon she is fleeing with her father, grandmother and brother, facing dangers to reach the safe part of India. Through it all, Nisha can’t understand why there has to be such anger and fighting over differences that shouldn’t matter.

Told through letters Nisha writes to her dead mother, The Night Diary gives an innocent but profound view of this turbulent time in history. Nisha's concerns that will resonate with a variety of readers, but she also experiences something that will be mind expanding to all. A gentle but world expanding read for middle school readers.

Recommended ages–10-14 years old


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