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The Stars Beneath our Feet by David Barclay Moore

Now that he is twelve, life in Harlem is getting a little more dangerous for Wallace ‘Lolly’ Rachpaul. He used to wander underhindered, but now thugs are following him and eyeing his sneakers. Others are pressuring him to join their ‘crew.’ On top of that, Lolly is fighting anger over his brother Jermaine’s death. The one thing that brings Lolly peace is the epic city he is building out of Legos. Will he be able to avoid conflict and build a new world for himself?

The Stars Beneath our Feet is an interesting look at life in the Harlem neighborhoods. Lolly’s experience shows the struggle and joy of early teenagehood in that big city. This story also shows the power of creativity and the strength of friendship and family. For me, it was an enjoyable and world expanding read.

Recommended ages--11 and up


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