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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Pepper is barely making it with her hectic schedule and pressure to perform at an elite private school in New York. But on top of everything else, her mom expects her to help the family business by running the Big League Burger’s Twitter page. At the same time, her classmate Jack goes to Twitter to defend his family’s deli when Big League Burger steals their grilled cheese sandwich recipe. What starts out as a few harmless tweets becomes a huge social media war with unexpected consequences for both Pepper and Jack. Eventually they both have to decide, “Is it business or is it personal?”

This light, romantic comedy is a fun read for hot summer days. Plenty of witty dialogue between interesting characters and also enough depth to the story to put it one step above a fluff read. Harmless and enjoyable, but with meaningful lessons about friendship, family, and responsibility.

Recommended ages--12 and up

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