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What the River Knows by Isabel Ibanez

As part of upper class society in late 19th century Argentina, Inez Olivera feels restricted. Six months out of every year her parents visit Egypt, but Inez is never allowed to join them. When Inez receives word of her parents’ deaths, she is determined to find out what happened. Defying cultural restrictions, she travels to Egypt and demands answers from her archeologist uncle. But her uncle keeps trying to send her home, and it takes all of Inez’s courage and creativity to outwit him and his handsome assistant. However, when Inez follows them to their archeological dig, she finds herself in much more danger than she intended.

What the River Knows is an exciting read with a little something for everyone. The story is a mixture of historical fiction, mystery, with a bit of magic and romance thrown in. It story feels a little like Indian Jones with some Death on the Nile on the side. The characters are intriguing and tween/teen readers will enjoy the story. Good entertainment for lovers of fantasy and a cozy mystery.

Recommended ages–12 and up


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