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Yes No Maybe So by Becky Abertalli and Aisha Saeed

Jamie Goldberg is roped into canvassing for his local senate candidate because his cousin is a campaign manager. Maya Rehman is putting in political service hours because her parents have offered her a car in return. However, as Jamie and Maya learn more about the campaign and what it means, they become some of the biggest and most active supporters. They aren’t only converted to the campaign. Jamie and Maya seem to be falling for each other. But can they survive a cross-cultural romance in the middle of political stress?

Yes No Maybe So is close to perfection in a young adult novel for me. It is billed as a teen romance, but it covers everything--racism, religion, political activism, and growing up. Abertalli and Saeed educate their readers on Jewish and Muslim culture, the ins and outs of political campaigning, and how state governments and elections work. They wrap all that up with some great characters and an entertaining story all while keeping the romance clean and age appropriate. I highly recommend this one!

Recommended ages--12 and up


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